by S. Sanchez

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    About me: Based in Northern CA, I'm focused on learning 3D for games & animations, and showcase on this site, 10+ years worth of art modeling experience & collaborations. 

    I'm grateful to be a part of local & global community which encourages self-expression & expanding knowledge.. Millions of video trailers and examples of my comedic experiments & digital skills can be found on my good ol' fashioned YouTube channel, as well as collections of useful Digital Art Tutorials.

    Check out my Blogs ( Tumblr, Blogger) or Facebook for regular photo sets & posts about current projects & adventures. I'm available, when possible, as photography model, film (camera person, model or assistant), and live performance (dance/stage). I work & play with other performers and multi-talented muses throughout the Pacific Coast, and enjoy traveling.

    For more info, contact me or check out my official site:

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