by S. Sanchez

    About me: Based in Northern CA, I'm building an animation studio and sexy circus with a community I'm grateful to be a part of.. I use an HD video camera & iPhone 5 to self-publish unique custom video clips & photo art.

    Please enjoy my galleries, from over 10 years worth of art modeling & collaborations.

    Currently, my main focus and interests include expanding my knowledge and skills behind the camera, and mastering video & game software (particularly Sony Vegas, After Effects, Flash, 3D Studio Max & Unity). Animation, web building, and electronic social art amuse me to no avail, and provide an outlet for me to bring my creative visions to life. Meanwhile, I'm learning to grasp music-making, and still love collaborating with others from time to time. If you have an interest in working together on a mutually-inspiring project, by all means, be in touch!

    Hundreds of video trailers and examples of my comedic sexy time and editing skills can be found on my good ol' fashioned YouTube channel. Check out my Daily Blogs for regular photo sets & posts about current projects & adventures.

    I'm available, when possible, as photography model, film (camera person, model or assistant), and live performance (dance/stage). I work & play with other performers and multi-talented muses throughout the Pacific Coast, and enjoy traveling.

    Thanks for visiting & fore more, see my official site

    Welcome.  For more info, visit my FAQ page & official site

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